Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3, 2013

Hey fam!

This last week was amazing. We're doing a lot well in our amount of teachings, and finding more people to teach! Yeah sister Nita was baptized! I got to baptize her too! It was such a powerful experience, and her less active husband came to the baptism too, and he also came to church on sunday! He bore his testimony, after not coming to church for years, and came up to me after the meeting and touched his chest and said "good feelings". Ah it was so awesome, i could just see how much he felt the spirit. Yeah im pretty sure ill be staying here in Santa Fe next week when transfers come up! We're getting couple missionaries here, and president wants me to help coordinate with them to have families for them to teach and that stuff, we're way excited too cuz hopefully they'll invite us over to eat at their place. :)

Hows the scripture reading going? I'm so happy that you guys are reading and praying together. I had a pretty amazing study about baptism earlier, i really wanted to find out why its a commandment to be baptized to enter God's kingdom. Basically what i found was this- throught the Fall of Adam we are all natural men and women... we are separated from God's presence. But through baptism, we accept upon us a new name, the name of the Savior Jesus Christ, where in we become clean from all of our sins, and are reborn through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We are given the Gift of the Holy Ghost to help us along the path, to guide us back to Heavenly Father's kindgom. Heavenly Father is so merciful to us He's given us the Sacrament, wherein even if we mess up we get a chance to renew those covenants that we made with Him through those emblems of the great sacrifice. The Gospel is just so beautiful isn't it? I have such a strong testimony that if we have a question, and we really ask with a sincere heart, the truth will be revealed to us through the power of the Holy Ghost.

I love you guys! Keep going to church, i promise i will too! ;) I love it here in the Phillies! All the ward members say im filippino now because i've gotten their accent down! But it's just the size part where i stand out.

Elder Doane

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