Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013


You're in Cali? Haha surprise surprise! Promise me we'll go when i get back ah? That's way fun though, i was dying laughing at Drake's story about going to the 'swamp meet' and getting his foot burnt. Hahaha, poor kid. But thank you all for the emails, i love hearing from each and everyone of you so much. Tell the fam in Cali I love them too!

This last week was fantastic. The Baptism of Wemphrey, Thessa, and Ayejane was amazing! Elder Iloa and I sang Ako Anak sang Dios! Which is I am a Child of God in Ilonggo. :) It was so awesome. Wemphrey and Thessah said they both want to serve missions when they grow up. And Ayejane's mom who was less active before returned now! Ayejane is so awesome too, she reads the Book of Mormon every day, and shares with us what she learned when we teach her. Thessah is the really little one in the picture, she's 8 years old but it looks like she's 5! When she came into the water it went up to her neck! It was so adorable.

Caduhaan is really doing great! Our baptisms fell through for June 22 and 29, it was pretty heart breaking because of the situations, but it's okay because Heavenly Father will work out His plan for them to be baptized. Sister Tessi will be baptized on July 6th! We can really see the Gospel making changes in the lives of their family. Her husband is Brother Winston, a really strong member. They both said that lately as they've been coming to church, reading in the Book of Mormon, and listening to our lessons they've noticed they dont fight as much as a couple, the Spirits in their home, and they're really feeling Heavenly Father's love in their lives. How powerful no? The Gospel truly does bless families. That's why when the time comes for me to have a family i will establish it on the rock of my Redeemer who is Christ, because i've seen the fruits of doing so!

Elder Iloa and I get along so well, he's for sure my favorite companion. We eat like horses. But somehow we're both losing weight still? It's probably because of how much we walk haha. But I've really just been so happy lately. I mean there are days and times when I'm just going nuts, trying to figure out our schedule and things that we need to do, but it's so wonderful, because none of it is for myself! Everything I'm doing here is for other people, specifically the Filippino people, and I love them so much! Caduhaan has  been my favorite area, just like i said last time. I've learned so much about the work, the restored Gospel, and about myself. I'm really learning how to trust in the Lord. Thanks mom and dad, for raising me up in the true church that Jesus Christ Himself established and continues to run until this day. I know this church is true, it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. We can know that's true through reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Which i have done! And now i can say i know it's true. I love you family. Keep clinging to the rod by studying the scriptures every day.

Elder Doane

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