Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 18, 2012

Pamiliya ko:)

Hey fam bam!
Hello! Thank you so much for all the emails, hahaha drake still has me cracking up on the other side of the world. If he dresses like a turkey to winter formal i'll bring him back mcdonalds from the phillies. So good to hear you're all doing well! Everything is going really well here, we're really trying to work hard, even if it's like a million degrees outside! I've pretty much gotten used to the weather though, i don't really feel the humidity much anymore. Yeah we're supposed to have transfers tomorrow! And we still haven't found out where we're going to i guess next week you'll all know where im at and what im doing. I'm thinking Elder T will move and ill stay here, but i guess we'll see what the Lord has in store for us. We had lots of teachings this week, but it was pretty disappointing when no one showed up to church. We were so excited Saturday night because we had so many committed to come, but only one ended up coming. It was still a blessing to see her there, her names Clysol Joy, she's been an investigator for quite a while now. This week was really cool because we started teaching Mylene, the girlfriend of a returned missionary Joel. She's great! She speaks Cebuano though, so sometimes its pretty rough to understand her! But Elder T can speak cebuano so no sweat. She really is interested in the gospel, and it was amazing last lesson we helped her to recognize the Holy Ghost witnessing to her about the Book of Mormon, ahh it was so powerful to see people notice the presence of the Holy Ghost. Marvins baptism got pushed back again! haha its really sad but we really need to make sure he's fully repentant before he makes a covenant with God. We also found 2 more investigators this week, so we're doing well with having more and more people to teach the Gospel. The greatest Miracle this week was Brother Vincent! He is on fire! He came to church again for the 4th time in a row, and is officially returned to  the church. He is so awesome, he works with us tuesday and thursdays as well, he has such a strong desire to follow Christ! Also next week he'll be getting an interview with bishop to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Im tearing up just typing this, because he has been the greatest miracle thats happened to me here. Seeing the Atonement change his heart, and now hes back on the path to return to his Father in Heaven. I will try to get a picture with him this week.

So family! Im seriously so happy we started the Book of Mormon this week, im stoked to read together. THis week i reviewed 1st nephi 1 and 2. Some verses i loved in chapter 1: vs 1- the importance of family! Isn't this sweet! In the first verse of the Book of Mormon, we learn the importance of raising kids in the Gospel, and the role of fathers in the family. To teach kids correct principles and set a good example for the family. I love it! vs 12- If we want to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord, we need to read the scriptures! Exactly like Lehi did, he read, and was filled with the Spirit of the Lord. I bear testimony of the power the scriptures have, espeically of the Book of Mormon. vs 20- the Lords tender mercies to those he has chosen, BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH. This verse tells us that we can become chosen. If we increase our faith through action we can become these chosen ones to recieve the tender mercies of the Lord day by day, how cool is that? Also in chapter 2 comparing verse 15 & 4, look at all Lehi gave up to follow the commandments. And its all for the building up of the kingdom of God. I bear witness this is His church!we need to do all we can to help build it up, that's our calling as members of his church! I know Heavenly Father loves us. Christ is our living Savior and Redeemer. I love you all and pray for you every night and day.

Elder Doane

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