Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 25, 2012

Bagong companion ko!

Hey family!

This one is going to be pretty short sorry! But i wanted to send you all those individual emails! Everythings going great here! Elder T got transferred to Alehes, southern Bacolod. Right now I'm training Elder Malit, he's an amazing Elder and really seems like he's been on his mission for a while rather than a few weeks! Hes from the Philippines as well. He's really a great Elder. He's tiny too, go figure haha. I got put as DL this last week too, its good for me because now i have more expectations so it makes me need to be a better missionary to help others come unto Christ. I've really been trying to just lose myself in the work, and its crazy how fast the time is flying. This last week we really had some amazing things happen here. We found the Belantre family, they're amazing. truly amazing. At first brother did not want to let us in, but then we got to talking to his daughter Annie Rose, and now they let us in whenever we come by. Annie Rose is blind, and she's actually the winner of Philippines Got Talent 2010, isn't that crazy? SHe's a singer. We got to hear her sing last time and it blew me away, she has such a talent. She his so humble too, we started teaching them about the Gospel and she is so receptive, Brother was really hesitant at first, but last time we really tried to focus on asking him questions and listen. He really opened up, and said he's been searching for something these last 20 years and he doesn't really know what it is he's searching for, but he feels something is missing. I know he's going to find that missing piece once he prays to know if the Book of Mormon is true. I really love their family. We also found Dennis, mom i told you about him in the email i sent you, but he's amazing as well. He had a stroke and his right side is paralyzed. We've been teaching him and hes been keeping his commitments and we really had faith that he could make it to church, despite what other members said about him not being able to attend because of his disability. so sunday at church, i was asked to give a talk, and right when i got up there came dennis rolling in on his wheel chair with his caretaker. The Lord really opens up our eyes and blesses us with miracles if we exercise faith in him. Family, from our scripture study this week i loved in chapter 8 of 1nephi, vs 14-15, and as many as heeded their words of the spacious building, fell away. It shows how important it is to hold on to the rod, and never let go. Press forward despite your surroundings, have your eye on the love of God, who is Christ. I love you all so much, gotta go.

 Elder Doane

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