Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28, 2013

Hey family!

Last week was just full of miracles, I don't even know where to begin and i don't have too much time left! Well, first of all it was so good to hear from you all, sounds like the family is doing great. Demi's fast? What's her best time in the 100? I bet I could burn her. :) Sounds like Dave is still staying busy with all his work and stuff, hopefully he's having fun. Wow that's awesome mom on your calling! The primary kids will love you. I remember when you were our teacher in sunday school, you were the best! And you always brought candy! Wow way excited to get a birthday package too! I don't think i ever got the one the ridds sent, but it's all good, maybe someone else was blessed with what they sent. ;)

This last week we had 8 investigators at church, the Panagiton family's baptism is THIS SATURDAY! There hasn't been a baptism here in Caduhaan for a while, so this is good! Fillin' up the font again! I'm way excited for them, they're a great family who are extremely humble. Also we met another new investigator this last week, Brother Anjo, he's a cousin of an RM here, a chemistry teacher and physics teacher. When we met him, he was way prepared by the Lord. He said he beleived all that we were telling him, he felt the SPirit, and he beleives the Book of Mormon is true! I testify of the power of praying to know the truth, just like what happened to Joseph Smith. We also had another miracle happen with the Yanson family. Their place is SO far away, and they haven't came to church since December. But we exercised our faith, kept going to them, and made them this little 'church jar' where they could save money every day in preperation for Sunday. When we came back to follow up on saturday they had the money ready to go for Sunday! They really filled the church jar up! I was in tears, and felt the SPirit so strong testify to me that by faith miracles happen. We could have given up on them, but we took that extra step, and did something as simple as a church jar and they came to church on Sunday for the first time in months. We keep praying for them and their progression. Yeah last saturday i think we walked 10 miles, it was nuts! It was the best day we've had though in the transfer. Elder Pineda goes home next week, crazy huh? But he's still doing great! I'll probably be left here in Caduhaan. Sorry this email is all over the place, but I just want to leave my testimony with you.

I bear you all my witness that the Book of Mormon is true. That if we exercise our agency righteously, choosing eternal life over death and captivity, God will bless us. That if we exercise our faith, miracles can happen. When others around us our struggling, whether it be our loved ones, our investigators, our friends.. it's easy to think that our Father in Heaven is testing their faith. But maybe we should take some responsibility and honor our baptismal covenants, but realizing that Heavenly Father is testing YOUR faith, to see what you will do to help His child draw near to Him. That's what I've learned this week, and I know it's true. I love you all!

Elder Doane

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