Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7, 2013

Hey family,

This last week flew by. The work is going great though! We had zone leaders council last week and gave a zone training that went well, President has given us his vision for this mission which is to baptize every week, become preach my gospel scholars, and be exactly obedient. Wooh! I love it, President Lopez is truly called of God. We are truly adapting to this vision, because we have about 6 investigators with a baptismal date now, starting on may 4th and then on. I know with all my heart it's because of the Lord's love for His children here in Caduhaan, that's why He's allowing the work to progress so well! It's really been great.

Oh yeah you remember that recording tape thing you guys sent me? Haha i found it this last week, and realized that tape you sent me has 2 sides! Hahaha I was laughing so hard, you all are awesome. Drake just gets me laughing so hard. But yeah i started a tape again so i can send one to you all! Sorry i totally just forgot about that thing. But yeah! For a birthday package? I would just say that picture of you all at the mesa temple! If it's not too hot haha, i wanna put a picture up on my desk. And then.. maybe some crunchy peanut butter and kraft mac & cheese! Haha, just anything throw it in there. Oh if you could send all my blue/gray/purple ties as well. That's something im doin here in the mission, getting all blue gray or purple ties! Haha. Well fam the work is great, i'll keep doing my best and the Lord will make up for the rest. I just want to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I prayed in my last area, hard, about the Book of Mormon again, wanting to recieve an answer if it was true. After that, I went on exchanges with one of the assistants to the president, and he showed me and taught me about how the Book of Mormon can affect an area, and that's what we have applied here in Caduhaan. They say you can know the truthfulness of something by the blessings that come from it, and I have definitely seen the blessings come from it in this area. The picture i sent, with the man wearing the green shirt, is the branch presidents son, Ugene. He is a returned missionary, and he has been less active for years. The first time we visited them, we shared the Book of Mormon and invited him to begin reading in 1 Nephi again, and try to apply it to his life. As of now he's in 1 Nephi chapter 10, and has came to church these last 2 sundays. I bear my witness that this Book is true, it is alive here in Caduhaan, and we all need to make it alive in our lives. 

Elder Doane

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