Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28, 2013

Thank you for all your emails! It sounds like you're all doing well and staying busy, that's so awesome. Yes i would love to see a family picture! Even if the ones that catherine took that one time before Dave left on his mission, i would just really love to have a family picture! Jessica is coming here?! That's so exciting. I was so stoked when i saw in your emails that she has been assigned here in Bacolod. I'm so happy for her! Will definitely try to get in contact with her to give her some heads ups about our mission. How exciting!

This last week was so tiring. Every night kneeling down for prayer i just feel like i'm gonna fall asleep while i'm praying. But it was so great! I got to go on exchanges with the Assistants to the President, such a wonderful experience. I really learned about the importance of the Doctrine of Christ, and inviting investigators to be baptized in the very first lesson we have with them, testifying to them of the simple truths of being cleansed from their sins through this sacred ordinance that has been restored in full through the restoration. I worked with Elder Mifflin, he's from Utah, a great Elder! We also had a missionary fireside last week, which was a miracle! If i have time I'll send some pictures, but ah it was such a miracle. We had been planning for this since June, and we made so many preparations and stuff, we set a goal to have 65 people there. We spent so much time setting up, inviting people, all that kind of stuff! It was so much fun for me, because I was really able to apply my talents i acquired from student council. I felt like I was back again planning some party in student council! But it was so cool, the decorations looked great, and we had 60 people attend. Even though it was 5 short, Elder Borromeo and I were so satisfied with the Spirit that we felt and the joy we saw in everyones faces who attended. They told us usually the firesides in that ward in the past had attendances of like 15, maybe 20. But it just goes to show that 'you get what you go for'. It really testifies about agency, and the power God has given us to do anything which is expedient in Him. We also had 4 couple missionaries come! It was so awesome. One of them sang with me and Elder Borromeo 'I Believe in Christ' and one gave a talk that was so powerful about the Book of Mormon. The fireside was entitled, "The Book of Mormon- What? When? Why?" There was also a little girl named Mohonri, 10 years old, who gave an awesome talk on the Book of Mormon! She reminded me a lot of Demi, she's so awesome!

I also got to have an interview with President Lopez this last week. It was so amazing. I feel like whenever i step into his office and talk with him, i'm literally in a conversation with the Lord. He really loves you mom and dad, and thanks you for your support you've given to the Lords work here in Philippines Bacolod Mission. I asked him about what I should do coming home, whether to go straight to BYU or to stay back in AZ for a while. He said right after that, " I think you should go back to BYU, that's too great of an opportunity you don't want to miss." So that's what I'll be doing when I come back! I also talked to him about teaching in the Provo MTC when i got back, and he said its a very competitive field, but that he would make sure that I don't have a hard time getting in to teach there. So that's what I'm planning on! I'm so grateful for that interview i had with him, those plans about coming home had been bothering me for a while, now they're all settled out so i don't have to worry about them! Dad if you could email coach robinson at BYU, and our athletic director, i think her name is Jessica Mullen, just give them an update about me, and if there's anything we need to do before next year to get me all registered? THanks so much.

I know this church is true family! It's the same church Jesus Christ established from before, and has not changed and will not change no matter where we are. The Book of Mormon is proof of this church, and proof that God is a God of miracles, and our Loving Heavenly Father. I love you family, keep clinging to the rod of iron through your dilligent study of the Book of Mormon every day.

Elder Doane

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