Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Hey you family!

I'll keep this one short because I'll be talking to you tomorrow! I will be on 11am probably my time. I'll check Eric Levie's account to make sure it works good today. Alright! I'm excited to talk to you all! Get any questions you have ready! I'll get some stories ready too. We can only talk for 30 minutes family, please don't put my obedience at risk and take us over that limit. But thank you all so much, especially for the extra money it helps whenever i have needs. I just broke my shoes again today haha, i'll figure something out though! 

This christmas season is so special, and we are not wasting this time! We are not staying home, but we're out in their houses teaching and sharing this restored Gospel with everyone. Christmas eve and Christmas are our best days for proselyting, and its been such a miracle to have a baptism earlier today (christmas eve) and tomorrow! (christmas) I just bear my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that we need to become like a child, submissive to His will so that we can receive the blessings of that great and everlasting sacrifice. The Lord has enabled my companion and I to do miracles in this area, and i wish i could tell you all of them but i know we will have forever to tell stories and things. To keep it short, do you remember when i told you Elder Peralta and I taught 50 lessons with a member present a few weeks ago? The Lord really taught me about stretching and overcoming my flesh that week. Well last week we exercised our faith, and taught 70 lessons with a member present. 

Some people will say, those are just numbers, numbers aren't important. But to those i say, numbers are extremely important in this church. Numbers is how the Lord can say He is 'hastening' His work. Numbers is how they baptized in the many books in the Book of Mormon. Think, behind those 70 lessons, there are children of God behind each of them. Heavenly Father is really trying to teach us our full potential here in the mission, and if we keep being humble I know we can reach that. The Lord really humbled me many times last week, and i'm so thankful for that humbling because even though it hurts, its for my good. 

Our stake President here talked about 2 kinds of pain. 1- the pain of discipline. Or 2, the pain of regret. Depends on us what we will choose. But for me and my house, we will suffer the pain of discipline so the Lord's work and glory may continue! 

I've never been more happy in my life family, especially during this Christmas season! Please try to share the Gospel during this time, go about doing good, find referrals for the missionaries, even if 1! I promise you if you pray for opportunities the Lord will put you in their path or them in yours! The joy of sharing this Gospel, and inviting people, is just indescribable! Please family and friends, do it! I know the Lord will help us overcome our weaknesses as we have a sincere desire to share His restored Gospel. I love you all so much! Tomorrow's the big day!!!



Elder Doane

PS- some christmas pictures we took at a members homes! The Dy family! They got us new ties as well for Christmas, if you could write them a thank you note that would be awesome! (I figured you would like the 3rd one)

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