Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1, 2013

Hey Family!

Elder Doane and Elder Sablan traveling to exchanges down on
the South part of the Mission!

This last week just flew by. Elder Sablan and I were SUPER busy going on exchanges down on the south part of the mission, it was so great though, we worked so hard out there! Yeah that picture makes me look really thin huh? I don't feel very thin though! Last week i weighed in at 258! THe first time i've been under 260 since freshman year! Haha. Sorry i took so much money out of the account, my shoes got destroyed in the mountains we were working in, you wouldn't believe, like the entire sole just ripped completely off and i was still working with them, it was such an adventure! So on friday on our way back i went at got some new shoes, they got a Payless Shoes here at this mall, and they got 13s! So it was a miracle. Okay I will let Elder Peralta know. Thanks so much for the shirts and stuff, it was perfect timing you sent those. Sounds like thanksgiving was good! Glad to hear the family is doing well. I know the Lord is blessing and taking care of you all as i focus completely on the work here.

Well where to start! We worked in the mountains last week, and i mean mountains! Like what i used to call a rough hike in boy scouts is a regular day of work in some of the zone leaders areas here, it was amazing! Such a great time. But i was so touched and edified through the exchanges we had. We worked in Kabankalan, Binalbagan, and Mangapsang. I can just testify family, that exact obedience brings miracles.

Elder Doane and Elder McBride. Doane say's McBride is one of
the happiest and patient missionaries he's ever met, and looks
like his brother Drake. People would describe Drake's personality
exactly the same way!!!  

In every exchange before we started i opened up the Doctrine and Covenants to section 4:5, and shared with the missionary that Heavenly Father had a 'work' prepared for us that day, and having faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to His glory, would 'qualify' us for that work that He had in store for us! It was so amazing the Spirit we felt, and the amazing Christlike Attributes i saw in these missionaries. Elder McBride, who looks a ton like Drake, is one of the most happiest and patient missionaries i've met, wherever he goes he is just so happy and isn't shy around anyone. Elder Borgolthaus has changed so much on his mission since the time i knew him a year ago, he's so humble, and the Lord is really revealing special things to him in his mission because of him softening his heart, it was amazing to get to work with him. Elder Garner really gave up a lot to come out on his mission, and we both learned and testified that the Holy Ghost will guide and lead us to those people being prepared to hear the Gospel. I could share with you tons of experiences, but i'll save some for after the mission so we have some things to talk about.

One short one i'd like to share though, last week when i worked with Elder Garner, i had high hopes for our day of work. Their area was just mountains, nothing else. So as we discussed what we wanted to see in the days work, set expectations, and headed out, i really kept a prayer in my heart that Heavenly Father would help qualify us for that 'work' that He had laid out for us that day. We got dropped off at this corner by a jeep, and waited for the next one, then i looked across the street and saw this sister, probably in her mid 20's, working a small store she had. I had a feeling we should go talk to her, so we did. I went and bought some candy from her store, and began to talk to her, her name was Maryjoy. She was very nice and noble, she was very open to talking with us. Then i said 'Well Sister Joy while we're waiting for our next jeep can we share a short message with you?" "sure!" she replied. Then we prayed and after asking her a few questions about her life and her religion, we began to testify about the Restored Gospel, and she began to cry, and told us, 'I'm just really confused. And i'm so worried about my old family members who passed away if they don't have a chance anymore.' I knew from that moment she was being prepared by Heavenly Father for the Gospel! We gave her a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon, and set a return appointment to come back, she also committed to be baptized.

Elder Doane and Elder Sablan making transfer calls in their room
 and eating Air Heads!

Walking away from that Elder Garner and I couldn't speak, we didn't know what to say to each other. But we both knew that through obedience to God's commandments, and having faith hope charity and love, with an eye single to His glory, Heavenly Father qualified us for meeting His daughter Joy that day. How amazing.

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