Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014


Thank you so much for all the emails! I can't tell you all how happy i am for Davis getting to BYUI, he's just gonna love it there! The Lord really has something in store for Him there. So great as well he's with Colton. Wow things sounded really busy there for a second, that's good that the kids were able to have a good time off school for a while. That's something i want to do a lot when i get home, is spend a lot more time with you family! We gotta go somewhere or do something, and just us! That's something I've gained a desire for here in the mission, to spend more time with you as my family because before I was always never home. Sorry I've been spending money dad, i'm trying to keep it down i'm just getting some things i need like pants and other things so i don't have to get a package sent here again, they cost so much. But i'm all good now! One of the members here is making up some pants for me, they're cheap too! Just let me know my balance that'd be great.

New Years Baptism of Paula & Desire,
they're both cousins! 
Well this last week was so fantastic. The work is just progressing so much, Elder Sablan is such a blessing to me on my mission at this time. We had a new years baptism! It was so great, Sister Paula and Desire, they're both cousins. We also got to give a training about The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion at our trainers follow up training, it was so fantastic. I get to learn so much more through giving trainings, i really have a testimony that the Lord works through imperfect people to accomplish His purposes. I got to have an interview with President last week, as we had some transfers to deal with in the mission, it was such a sacred and uplifting experience. I told him, "President, anytime i get to have a one on one with you I treat it as if I'm having a one on one with the Lord." He just understands his calling so deeply, and lives according to that understanding. Such a powerful and dedicated servant of the Lord. He thanked me for my service as his assistant, and let me know that the time is close for me to be transferred, he says the area i'll be going to is a hard area, that really needs a turning around. I'm so excited! I want to testify to all people that it's not the area where your assigned, but it depends on the missionaries on how successful they will become.

Elder Doane & Elder Sablan, at their last baptism baptism together!
Doane said, "I hope this picture shows how much
I love Elder Sablan"! 

I also asked him some advice about preparing to come home, and I won't tell you everything we talked about, but can I just say I know he represented the Lord in those short 10 minutes. After talking with President and spending much time praying, I've decided i'm going to play football for BYU when i get home. I know it's the will of the Lord for me. He's blessed me with this gigantic body, and this athletic ability, and i haven't been using it to it's full potential! But I plan to play when i get home, and my main goal is to make it to the NFL. I know when you hear that right now you're going to think i'm crazy, but I know I can do it. My testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is too strong for me to not make that as my goal, because I know I can magnify my calling and be a light to others if I were to make it somewhere like that in life. Think of all the people I could influence and help to receive the Gospel! President Lopez said, "Elder Doane, if you want to help establish the Lord's kingdom, you need to work outside His kingdom and bring people in!" That struck my heart, and knew that this is where the Lord wants me to go in order to bring forth His marvelous works and wonders!

You're probably struck in awe right now, I was too before, but now I'm just too excited to go where the Lord wants me to go. I know revelation is true family, and the Lord will guide us in our path if we are humble, willing to submit to His will! I love you all so much, and love this Gospel!

Elder Doane

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