Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2, 2012

Hello family!

It was so great to hear from you all, haha Drake cracked me up again! Yeah dad i got your dear elder it was so sweet to get one from you thanks so much! I really love getting updates from home and whats going on and stuff. Everythings going great here in the mission, sorry i have like 10 minutes, i had a bunch of other things i had to take care of during our computer time. Sorry i couldn't send individual emails i wanted to but didn't have time! Everythings great here though, Elder Malit and I are working as hard as we can. This last week was a pretty hard week, like 70 percent of all our appts got punted and we just had to go out opening our mouth to everyone! We actually had some great results from it though, we found a new family we'll be able to teach next week and gave lots of pamphlets to people. Dad you'll probably be getting a braille Book of Mormon in the mail soon, when you get it if you could send it here to me that'd be great. It's kind of complicated, but we have a blind investigator and the mission didn't have braille Book of Mormons so I had to order one. Anyways thatd be awesome. Im so excited to get the Christmas packages!! Tell Grandma thanks so much too, i'm so excited for them! I'm really starting to love this area, so much. Our ward is awesome. Im stoked for this christmas party we got coming up on the 21st, i guess theres like TONS of food so yeah that'll be sweet. We're transferring houses this week as well. There are like a thousand things running through my mind right now sorry this email is so choppy! Haha, but anyways everything is going great I love the mission so much! Im so happy! Our area is gigantic, and we have a few areas that haven't been visited by missionaries in a long time so Elder Malit and I started to last week, and we found 2 more investigators that we'll be visiting next week. THat'll be great! We also began teaching another investigator Brother Jem, he's been an investigator for a long time but hasn't been able to be taught because he's so busy. But we're hoping to extend December 15th or 22nd as his date! He's a great man and has a great desire to follow Christ. From scripture reading this week i especially loved in chapter 15 verse 27, Lehi didn't see that the water was the filthiness because his mind was so swallowed up in other things. How great is that. If we can keep our mind focused on righteousness and the tree of life, we won't even have time to look left or right into the dephts of sin. I love that scripture, and i'm so happy we're reading as a family. I love you all so much! Gotta go.


Elder Doane

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