Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6, 2013

 Heller how yer derren!
Hello family!

Thanks so much for all your emails! So good to hear from home and what's going on back there. We've really been eating a lot lately. Remember before when i said we wanted to get closer to the members? well mission accomplished. Cuz every night we have dinner appts scheduled at members houses, and they just keep feeding feeding feeding us! I'm for sure gaining weight, i'll just diet the last few transfers of the mission :) But its been awesome! I'm falling in love with this food.

This last week was just full of miracles, it was so amazing. Elder Malit and I are really being blessed here in Santa Fe! First of all, Clysyl Joy was baptized on Saturday! We had it at night time so her dad could make it, but he didn't end up making it because he had work late. It was still good though, there were tons of ward members who showed up to support her. I got to baptize her! It was such a privilege. Usually when we teach Clysyl Joy she doesn't say much, as in she's like SUPER shy. But she's really been opening up lately as she's drawn nearer to Christ. So after she was baptized she was invited to bear testimony in front of all the ward members, and she did it! She stood up and said "I'm thankful for Elder Doane and Elder Malit for forcing me to be baptized." and a bunch of other stuff. Haha! She was just kidding around, because she's been an investigator for about a year now but hadn't been baptized yet. But it was so amazing, she really expressed her feelings of being clean and becoming a member of the church, i was so blown away! Also last monday when we were going to her house to teach her, we didn't knhow if we should go to her grandma's first to get her or go straight to clysyl joy's. So we felt like we should go to her grandmas' first, so we did and then we all went to Clysyl's. Right when we arove there, her father showed up on his motorcycle. Her fathers been less active for over 15 years! And he invited us in, and let us share a lesson with him and Clysyl Joy. The miracle was that brother has never let other missionaries in their house before! Whenever he's there he just says no so Clysyl Joy would have to be taught at her grandparents. It was such a miracle, and he said he also wants to come back to the church and the rest of his family become members.

Another miracle was the Delgado family! Brother Elbert, Sister Bessy, and their 2 kids Gwen (8) and Gabriel (2). They were a referral and we taught them twice this last week, and they are way awesome! They're very open to the gospel, brother Elbert said he's seen the difference it makes in someones life when they become members of the church, because many of his cousins are members. Just last night, Brother Jem came with us to teach them because he lives super close, and they committed to February 9th for a baptismal date. What a miracle. Brother Jem as well played such a huge role in the lesson, because they were a little hesitant at first for the date, but Brother Jem explained to them how he felt when he was baptized and shared his testimony, and it all worked out great. After the lesson Jem said, "Is this what missionary work feels like? I just want to go spread it to everyone. Tell me next time youre going over there, because i want to feel this unexplainable feeling again." It was so powerful! Brother Jem is going to be a general authority one day.

I feel so close to the Lord right now. I know its through exact obedience that these miracles come. Through repentance we can become more like the Savior. We need to be repenting every day! Living the Gospel, not just studying it. I'm drawn back to 1st Nephi ch 10 verse 18, where the Lord promises us, that if we repent and come unto the Lord, he has a pathway prepared for us. How sweet is that? All we have to do is sacrifice our pride and repent, and He has the way prepared. And He knows what's going to bring us the most joy and happiness! Because He's the one who created us! I've never been so happy doing anything in my life, it's so cool! Sorry mom but i won't be coming home, i'm gonna stay here and serve till the day i die. :) Just kidding. Only the day before i die. I love you all so much. Thanks so much for all the emails and stuff! I'll try to send pictures next week. I'm gonna go eat some McDonalds.


Elder Doane

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