Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30, 2012

Malipayon nga bago nga tuig! 
Hey family happy new year!

Haha thanks so much for all your emails, those were the best. This last week was sweet! We were really worried with Clysyl Joy and getting her prepared for her interview, but we got to teach her and she passed her interview on sunday! She'll be baptized on saturday!! We're so excited for her. She was SUPER shy at first, but now she's starting to open up its really cool. Joshua hasn't been to church these last 2 weeks, so we're gonna have to push back his date, we'll see! He really needs to develop faith unto repentance before he'll be ready to make a covenant with God. Yeah our district will have 3 baptisms this week, we're super stoked. Sunday it was so much fun to travel out to the other wards and interview the baptismal candidates, they're all super ready to be baptized! It was a great time. We're still super focused on finding, this last week we only found 5 new investigators but i think it's because we got laxxed because of the Holidays.. this week our goal is 12! Its really true when you focus on finding all of your other key indicators shoot up. Elder Malit and I are still having a blast, he's so funny. I feel like he's american. Did i tell you guys he's a mission presidents son? So yeah whenever we're out working i hide behind a bush or run by the side of a house because i tell him his dad has me on radar and has snipers on me incase i do anything stupid as his trainer. Hahaha. But nah he's a great elder, really blessed to be his companion. I've really been learning alot lately about how Heavenly Father prepares the way for us, for everything. It's so interesting! I re read my patriarchal blessing this week as well, and i really feel like i learned a lot through that. Patriarchal blessings are so sweet, they're really the prepared way for us as long as we stay faithful. I definitely reccommend going back and reading the conference from october again.. all those talks the prophets gave really can have a great effect on our lives if we live those words. I read as well in 2nd nephi chapter 11 vs 4 i think.. about how all things God gives typify of the Savior. I'm really gonna try to study that more out to understand it, but everything relates to the Atonement. Without the Atonement our lives here would be in vain. Perro si Jesucristo mismo, naghalad sya sang iya kaugalingon agud makabalik kita sa aton Amay sa Langit. Jesus Christ offered himself so that we would be able to return to our Heavenly Father. And I know He lives today! I love you all and pray for you. Keep it real. Be safe on new years.

Elder Doane

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