Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 10, 2013

Family! Hey don't got too much time, gotta prepare for our training wednesday at our zone conference. But this last week was tight, tons of miracles have been brought about in the work. Thanks so much for the emails! Wow so good to hear from Dave, sure sounds like he's doing great. Demi's throwin the shot? I wish i could coach her, I'll totally be into it when i get back. Get her in the weight room! Drakey boy had me crackin up again with his email, love that kid so much. I'm sure he'll do great at his talk on sunday! That's so cool! Please do record it. Devon's going to spain? Wow another qfl speaking spanish, that's so cool though i'm so happy for him! Mom sounds like she's doing well too, i'm so happy that you're all doing so well it makes me so happy.

This last week was amazing. Sister Zipp's baptism was great! She reminds me so much of Demi it's hilarious. I love her so much! You see her in the picture? She's wayy smart too. The area is doing well, Elder and I are really trying to break false traditions that have been left in this area by other missionaries, it's way hard but we're really working at it. Lots of misssionaries have came through here and been disobedient and all that, but Elder Pineda and I are staying exactly obedient and doing all we can to change the members perspective on the missionaries. I love this work so much. I'm doing great, just so happy all the time and constantly learning more about the gospel. I love this work so much, i'm never going to leave it. I love you so much family, i'lll send more next week.

Elder Doane

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