Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3, 2013

Hey Fam!

Thanks for all the emails, I don't have as much time so I can't send you all individual ones. Haha drake and demi crack me up. Hows momma doin? I love the email she sent me last week. Yeah dad will you please tell my coaches I love them? Coach Jackson, that's way cool that he's Demi's throws coach. I love Coach Hathcock! Football was probably the best decision I made my senior year, that was a blast. I'll never forget that guy, what a great coach he is. Sounds like Dave is staying busy with work, good for him He snagged that airport job! What an answer to prayer. Haha I love hearing stories about Drake doing funny stuff, I just crack up here in this computer shop where we email. Hey dad have you been in contact with Bishop Bills at all from my BYU Ward? If you could contact him and let him know I love him that'd be awesome. I think his name is Jeff Bills. I could not have asked for a greater bishop in that BYU Ward, he really played a big role in preparing me for a mission. Way good to hear Devon is gettin' his call soon, I can't wait to hear! That'd be tight if he got sent here to the Phillies. Tell dave to shoot me an email next week so I can hear from him!

The work here is the busiest its ever been in my whole mission! Haha, every night we come home I am just soooo tired. I remember always reading Colton's letters about how tired they were and now I totally understand. We had exchanges this last week with the Fabica Elders, and I kid you not their area is like going on a father's and sons hiking trip. There were certain parts when we were woking that I was breathing way hard because I was out of breath! Also there were some parts where I thought I was gonna die when we were jumping over rivers and crossing bridges. It's nothing like America here, and I love it. That's why we're so tired when we come home haha. The shoes are holding up! I've been using the ones grandma sent me, the tie ups. The other ones got some pretty sweet holes in them, so i'll probably get them repaired or something. I don't know I feel like we should be using hardcore boots or something here haha. But I seriously have fallen in love with this area, I love the people in our ward and those we teach so much. Ziphineah will be baptized on Saturday! She passed her interview, and her less active mother just returned yesterday too, what a miracle! Yesterday she asked me to baptize her, so i will definitely send pictures to you guys next week. She reminds me so much of Demi! It's so funny. She's 11 years old, and wayyyyy smart! I'm way excited for her. We also have a baptism on the 23rd coming up as well. We're really trying to make our area a model area for the zone, so we gotta get more baptisms! Oh yeah this week there were 2 gigantic spiders in our apartment, like gigantic! The biggest ive ever seen. all 4 o us in the apartment were running around screaming like girls trying to shoot the things with permatrin, it was hilarious. Elder Pineda and I are really doing great, he's such an amazing Elder. So humble and diligent. Today for pday we're gonna go to this sweet resturaunt, at least it looks sweet we have no idea if it's any good. I wanna get some pants made soon, theres a lady in the ward whos pro at that, so i might be withdrawing some money. Anyways! I'm really having a good time here, just so happy all the time no matter what. I'm leaning how to rely on the Lord more, and just feel like i'm gonna be a missionary for the rest of my life. I am just so thankful to be brought up in this true church you know? It's our duty to share this Gospel. And I'm fulfilling my duty. I love you guys so much! I hope you all have a great week.


Elder Doane

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