Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013

Elder Peralta and Elder Doane at a
Fireside in Manapla
Dear Family,

Time is going by faster than it has ever before in this area. We are being so blessed with so many miracles, i can't even begin to think what to type right now. Thank you so much for all your emails, its so good to know you're all doing well.

Last week we had mission leadership council and Elder Peralta and I gave a training on harnessing the power of the members, it went very well. Everyone said they felt a very strong spirit as we gave the training as a companionship. He's such a great Elder, and he is very spiritually mature, knows how to work with the Spirit. The work has just been miraculous. As assistants we go on about 3 exchanges a week! With all the zone leaders, so we do lots of traveling, but it's all for the purpose of improving the work! It's so wonderful, i'm getting to meet so many new people and help them see how the Gospel fits into their life through the power of the Spirit.

In our area the work is progressing so well, the Lord is showing us His tender mercies in every aspect of our work. Last sunday we had 21 investigators at church, which is just a testimony that this is truly God's dealings with the people here in Bacolod, and I'm just being used as an instrument in His hands. One amazing thing, last week Elder Dy and I were trying to contact a referral, and we had no clue where to go. So we just found the right street and started walking down it, and we approached a house that we had never seen before and asked them if they knew who we were finding. After a while of talking to them, they let us come in and we sat down and began talking with them. They helped us find out where the person lived, and then to thank them we offered to share a message about Jesus Christ to them. As we began to share with them the Doctrine of Christ, and how it has been restored in full in our latter days, the room was filled with the Spirit. We testified simply, and taught clear and sound doctrine, and I knew the Spirit was there. We asked them how they felt about what we had shared, and the brother said 'I feel something inside of me i've never felt before, and the hairs of my arms are all standing up'. We testified to him that that was the Spirit of God testifying to him that what we had shared was true, and the father, Joseph, and his son, Glen, and their house help, Riley, all accepted the invitation to be baptized on sep. 14, and came to church this last sunday.

I have such a great testimony that Heavenly Father will put those people in our path, or put us in their path, who are being prepared to hear this message of the Restoration. I know with all my heart Heavenly Father loves us, there's no doubt in my mind. All the questions we have can be answered through the Book of Mormon, if we will just open it. I know Heavenly Father sees more in us than we see, we just need to submit to His will and let that potential come out. I love you family, thank you for your love and support to me serving the Lord here. I pray for you day and night!


Elder Doane

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