Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013

Dear Family,
Thank you for all your emails, i love opening them up every monday and getting to hear how you're all doing. Sounds like Drake is just being hilarious still, and Demi's growing up! I remember seeing her on skype last time and it looks like she's changed a lot, I'm excited to see her again come December. Mom thanks for working that website! No worries, slowly but surely it will get done. Will you thank Sister Erekson as well for me? That's so nice of her to help. That's so cool that Dave has that new calling! He'll be great for it, he's got lots of creative ideas and things. That sounds like so much fun. Were you ever able to take family pictures? Or maybe just a few pictures that we took a while ago as a family. I don't mean to bug you guys about it, I just don't have any picture of us as a family! So if you could send one that'd be sweet.

Wow this last week just zoomed by, i can't even remember what all happened. We got out and just proselyted every hour that we could, and taught many lessons. I think we taught over 30 this last week, 26 of them with a member. The Lord is really manifesting His hand in this work, it's amazing how He really does qualify those whom He calls. Sister Michelle Minguillo was baptized saturday, and i got to confirm her yesterday at church. It's really awesome because she's setting a good example for her less active mother, who came to church yesterday for the first time in years. We also are focusing on a lot of other people who have baptismal dates in the coming weeks. One miracle last week was when Elder Mifflin and I were walking from one appt. to another and this girl called us, "Brother! Come here! Are you bible studying?" and we went up and talked to her, asking why she called us and wanted to bible study. As we got to talk to her, she expressed to us that her father had recently died a few days ago, and she was searching for solutions to problems in her life. We then testified of the plan of salvation, and how it was restored in our latter days so that we could know how our families can become eternal if we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She began to cry. And what was amazing about this, is it was 8pm at night on a busy 4 way intersection, but the Spirit still was so strong, and it was evident in her countenance that she felt it. We invited her to the baptismal service the next day, and said we would come by to pick her up to walk with her to the service. The next day I went to work with Elder Dy, and Elder Mifflin and Elder Peralta said they would go get her. When i walked into the church, there she was! She was super shy, but she really came! Before the baptism my companion and i were showing her gospel art pictures, and testifying of the resotred Gospel to her. After the service she said she felt so peaceful, and she didn't want to leave after. She also came to church on Sunday, and said she loved it. We have plans to go to her tonight and extend a baptismal date to her.

Once again the Lord has shown unto us that He will put us in their path, or them in ours. I have such a strong testimony that God is our loving Heavenly Father. That's not even including the other 3 families we're teaching and all the bunches of names He has entrusted us with here in Bacolod 3rd, I am just speechless at His hand that He has been manifesting here in the work. I'm about to cry right now even when i'm typing this. I just know this church is true, because I know the Book of Mormon is true. I'm so happy I read it, and prayed to know if it was true, because of that I'm here today. That Book is what made me who I am today, and will make me who I will become in the future. Thank you mom and dad for giving me this chance to serve, and grow up in the Lords church. I just know in 10 months we will rejoice so greatly when we see each other again. May we continually repent and change for the better every single day of our lives, that we will be prepared when we stand before Him at the last day.

Love always,

Elder Doane

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