Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013

Dear Family, 
Thanks for all the emails. It's so amazing and it makes me so happy that Justin and Jacob are serving missions, I know that Heavenly Father has such a great plan in store for their lives and the lives whom they will all touch. Good to hear you're all doing so good as well, Drake's doing senior portraits?! That's so awesome, he's growing up! I saw the pictures of Demi and was shocked! She's growing up so fast! Hows dave? Tell him to shoot me an email next week i miss him.

This last week i went on lots of exchanges with many zone leaders of different zones. Its such a great opportunity to get to learn from all them, and to help them out in their areas as well. I got my philippines license as well, we took a 2 hour drive to cadiz zone leaders last week and had exchanges with them, that was awesome to go back to my old zone and see the progression. The days are just flying by faster and faster, because we are so busy with proselyting! I don't know if you know or not, but we spend no time in the mission office. We are 100% full time proselyting missionaries. Before the assistants did lots of office work, but now the Lord has us out on the streets setting the example for the mission! It's so great as well, i'm really doing a lot of self evaluation and  trying to find what more i can do to improve. Our investigators are progressing well! Especially the Occianas family, we are really helping them recognize the Holy Ghost answer their prayers, and its so powerful when they realize that those good and peaceful feelings they have are the Spirit of God testifying truth to them. We also have been teaching Venus, she is progressing so well, and accepted a baptismal date for Sep 21st last week. She is very noble, and ready to receive this Restored Gospel.

President also said next transfer Elder Peralta and I will be the only 2 left here in the area, so we know we've got lots of work to do. I have so many things that i've seen that we can improve here, to really make our area the model for the whole mission. I know the Lord can do it through us, because Elder Peralta have had many talks and discussed that we are going to be humble to the Spirit, and not be a hinderment to the Lords work here in Bacolod 3rd ward, we know miracles will come. He's a really great missionary, very humble and submissive to the Spirit, and I know that's how we're going to be successful. Keep reading the scriptures family, of old and new. Holding to the rod is the only way we will make it to the tree of life! And how great will be our joy, if while we are holding onto that rod, we are also holding the hand of one of our family members, friends, or someone that needs help to make it to that tree of life. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and I'll keep sharing it every day with my Filippino brothers and sisters.

Elder Doane

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