Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24, 2013


I got the packages! I know, super early right? Sorry i couldn't wait to open them though. I just want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Those packages really really helped me out, especially the new shirts and ties. I don't know but all my stuff was just getting old. I wore the new long sleeve on monday and it felt so good! I gave Elder Peralta one of the ties as well and he was so happy! It was great. The Mac and cheese is the best as well. Even if you send him like 25 dollars that would be great, that amounts to a lot here. But they're so great! I should be good now till the end of the mission with these shirts, thank you so much.

I actually got a new companion last week, Elder Sablan! He's from seattle washington, but he actually grew up here in the Philippines. He's such a great elder, so humble and ready to perform miracles here in Bacolod 3rd. Also Elder Wilstead is here in Bacolod 3rd with Elder Peralta! They are both the new assistants, so theres 4 of us now due to how large our mission is. We have about 265 missionaries, it's a big family! I hope you all remember Elder Wilstead, he was my companion in the MTC! So it's great to live in the same house as him again, and to work side by side as well, he has really grown a ton on his mission and i'm so happy for him.

Last week we were super busy with orientations for new missionaries, trainings, and work! We were still able to put out great key indicators last week even though we were super busy, the Lord really blessed our work with miracles! Also Jenny Rose was baptized! She's a 9 year old part member, and her testimony is so strong. Her prayers sound like she has a great relationship with Heavenly Father, so it's been a blessing to teach her.

Elder Sablan talked and really decided what would be our goals and things here in bacolod 3rd as a companionship, and in the next couple of months we want to have 18 baptisms! I know the Lord will qualify us to find those 18 people He is preparing right now, because I know we can do it through His enabling power. Elder Sablan and I have a goal to 'make every day a miraculous day', and we know we can only do that through exact obedience and being humble. The Lord has already shown us so many miracles in our short time being together. We have many exchanges this week with zone leaders, we're going to be able to go out and exchange with zone leaders 3 times a week now since there can always be 2 missionaries left in our area now, i'm so excited! I have really prayed and fasted about what i need to share to these zone leaders, and the Lord has revealed to me what I need to do. I'm so excited to be an instrument in His hands to help these missionaries come unto Christ and continue to hasten His work!

Ether 12:4 really has had an impact on me lately, relating it to myself as a missionary. If i have faith in Jesus Christ, and obey, i can surely hope for a better world (world meaning my own personal proselyting area). And as long as i'm doing so, i can expect to be 'sure' and 'steadfast' that i will be 'always abounding in good works'! The Lord will give me the work He needs done as long as i show my faith in Him and obey. I know that's true, I see Him living in our area each day. I am so grateful to be here in the mission with President Lopez at this time. Every mission is different, the Lord runs His work in different ways according to the circumstances, and I'm so happy for all those full time missionaries out serving the Lord across the world, i know the Lord will continue to guide His work, and it will never end. I love you family, and may we all continue to be that light that Jesus Christ commands us to be in 3 Nephi 12, I know others will see that light and desire it!

Elder Doane

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