Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014

Thanks so much for all the emails! I'm here in Bacolod right now having preparation day before our zone conference tomorrow.. I'm so excited! It's so odd to be back here in Bacolod, my last area, but it brings back good memories. I haven't seen Sister Judd yet! I've heard about her, she's doing so well. She's assigned in Bacolod 5th ward, i've been there but never been assigned. She's actually very close to where I am right now, but I won't be able to see her unless we cross paths somehow! I'm sure we will. Everytime I see President I ask him about her, he says she's doing great! Today I'll be buying a few things, like socks, a towel, just a few small things that I need that I can't buy in Cauayan. Other than those things I'm doing great, don't need anything! Today I'll be going to get x rays done that we need to get done before going home, just to make sure no injuries or anything took place in the mission and what not. It's so weird how close May is, the pressure is so on!

Those plans sound great dad! I would love to go up with Demi and her friends, and to have the parties combined with Klay would be great! That sounds awesome. Food and donuts would be awesome. I miss their donuts! Anything is fine with me! Going to california would be awesome as well, going to the beach, amusement park, I'm not picky at all or anything, I would just love to be able to spend time with the family! As long as we can take some family pictures at the temple before I go up to school, I'm cool with that! I'm excited to be with Drake as well, I wish he could just come and live with me up there at BYU! Demi looks like she's getting big, she sent me some pictures the other day she's so tall and gorgeous! Dave sounds like he's doing good as well, he emailed me today! And mom as well. She served so well in the primary presidency I'm sure. I'll get all the BYU worked out. I'm signed up for one class, but I'll at least do 2. I can always drop classes if it becomes too much, I'll just see how it goes. Thanks for getting the financial stuff worked out, that's such a blessing that it will all work out okay. I'm sure you and mom are sticking to being full tithe payers, my testimony of tithing is so strong now dad.
Bona & Bibi (boyfriend and girlfriend) baptized together! 

This last week was a miracle. Elder Perez and I both really are trying our best to keep consistency in the work, finding teaching and baptizing every week! Last week Bonah and Bibi were baptized, it's funny because they're actually boyfriend & girlfriend. Their testimonies are so strong through, Bonah said in her testimony, "I know this church is true, because only in this church I came to know the true meaning of repentance, and I can say I've repented of all my sins." I just cried when I heard that. Her mom will be baptized this friday! And Bonah will be joining the youth in the temple trip at the end of this month, isn't it a miracle? I'm so excited for them!!!

When I first got here to Cauayan there were all these rumors and people saying Cauayan was 'going down' in attendance, baptisms, etc. My companion and I just decided to ignore all those negative things, and obey. Through our obedience the Lord has been so merciful to us, and really enabled us to do His work here. He's providing names for us for baptism, he's providing miracles left and right. He's teaching us through the many trials we're going through. I can really say I'm coming to understand His Atonement even more. Others would say it makes sense why all those negative comments were coming before, because our first and 2nd sunday here the attendance was below 70 and 60, with 3 investigators at church. Last sunday there was 130 attendance with 8 investigators at church, that's the most Cauayan has ever had in branch history.

I testify that if we have faith, hope, charity and love, and keep our eye single to His glory, we will always be abounding in good works, in His good works, bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man! We need to be a light to our peers, it is the covenant we made with the Savior. Even through we are weak, He will make us a mighty shaft in His hands to bring forth His work, I know it's true, I'm living it! And it all starts with gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon, by reading, pondering, and asking with a sincere heart if that book is true, because that's where I started. 

I love you family!

Elder Doane

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