Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16, 2012

Hey family!

After I sent you guys emails i almost forgot to send one to recount for the week! Haha sorry. We just got done bowling and im actually tired! I haven't really been exercising that much cuz there's not much room in our new apt., but sometimes we go jog. I feel like im gaining weight! Haha but everyone tells me im getting skinnier. This last week was a miracle in a nutshell. FIrst with the baptism of Brother Jem! I can't really type words to explain how I feel, but all i can say is that I'm so happy for him, and he has entered into the gate to returning with his Father in Heaven! He's really chosen and noble, and is a great part in building up the kingdom of God upon the earth. We also found a family this week, the Espada family, they're awesome! We'll be teaching them more this next week, hopefully we can extend a date to them to be baptized. We also have Clysol Joy, who's been an investigator for a while now, she's 11 years old, super shy! But we're really trying to befriend her, so she'll open up and stuff with us. She'll be baptized on Dec 29! Happy new year! We're very excited for her, and hopefully we can get her mom to listen as well and accept the Gospel. Her dad is a less active member too. Yeah we went bowling today and our zone leader elder Sio taught me how to spin the ball, its so sweeet! Im trying to get really good at it that way i can come back and show you all up. Haha just kidding, but bowlings a lot of fun. Yeah I think next week we'll be skyping, if that works for you all? Elder Malit is going to be skyping his family so thats what i'll do too i guess. Can you make a skype? Can you make me a skype too? I'm not really sure how its going to work, maybe you can talk to brother larson and he can figure something out? But we're going to go to the market tuesday and go to a computer shop that has computers, if you can make me a skype that i can log on to so i wont see any of my friends on my old one, then you guys make a skype too. You can probably just use the one on my laptop that i left? I don't know haha, but see what you can do and let me know next week. Hmmm trying to think if im forgetting anything.. Oh yes tell sister erekson i said hello! and Im SO thankful for all her letters shes sending! Oh my goodness its so good to hear from her and about how Klays doin. Sounds like the qfl are really tearin it up out there, i respect that. Haha. I'm so grateful for all my friends, aw it makes me so happy to see them all out in the service of the Lord. Sounds like the familys doing good. Glad Demi's back and runnin, what are your guys plans for christmas? I haven't gotten the packages yet, maybe tomorrow or next week? The work is going great, i'm getting really comfortable with talking to anyone we see, because that's the way we find the ones who will accept us, is if we talk to EVERYONE! Haha its fun too, especially if you get super rejected, sometimes we laugh when that happens, but its also sad because they're denying the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. From scripture study! I was thinking about the story of Lehi and their family, and about how Laman and Lemuel always complain! How Nephi has his mind so set on the Glory of God that he's willing to do anything for him. Jerusalem represents the world, the worldly things. Laman and lemuel keep looking back wishing they were back with their worldly things like cell phones, facebook, partying and all that stuff. But Nephi has his eyes to the Glory of God, which is exactly what i gotta do right now on my mission. This is the one time in my life that i can be fully consecrated to the Lord, for these 2 years. And now its only a year an a half. Crazy huh. Slowly but surely i can feel myself to get more lost and lost in the work, its crazy, and I love it. :) I love you all so much! I pray for you all the time. Please, read the Book of Mormon and pray everyday to your Father in Heaven.

Elder Doane

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