Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012

Hey fam!

Hey happy birthday Davis!! Sorry i missed it last week but it was just crazy busy here. This last week was crazy busy! We had a typhoon pass through, like no damage or anything though, we moved houses, and had some pretty great experiences! Elder Malit is doing awesome, he's a quick learner and really a great missionary. We are really seeing blessings from being exactly obedient. This week the most amazing thing that happened was Brother Jem. He's been an investigator for quite a while now but has just never had time to be taught, but these last 2 weeks we've really made it a priority for him to be taught. So we've been spending a lot of time teaching with him, and oh my goodness. He is so converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it blows my mind. He has shared with us so many amazing experiences that he's had in his life with the Gospel, and his relationship with his Father in Heaven is so strong! On Sunday he got interviewed for baptism and passed. And before his interview, we had a review with him about the baptismal interview questions and he answered them like he was pouring out his heart in testimony, i was blown away by the Spirit. We had a closing prayer, and he offered it. It had to be the most sincere prayer i've heard in my life, as he was crying and so was I. I've never seen him cry before either. Brother Jem will be baptized this Sunday!!! AAHHH!!! I'm sooooo happy for him! He just keeps telling us how he's been awaiting this day and now its finally close. He is going to be such a contributor to building up God's kingdom. And on sunday after his interview, he walked out and asked if I would baptize him. Tears came up into my eyes, and i said I would be honored to! This will be the first time i have the opportunity to baptize someone, to be an instrument in the Lords hands in his child making a covenant with Him I can't express the feelings in my heart right now, but my heart sure is full. We'll take pictures and I'll be sure to send them.

From this weeks reading i really loved in 1st Nephi 10:18 and vs 7. Vs 18 talks about the way being prepared for us, as long as we are repentant and come unto Christ. That's really an interesting thought. Because the Garden was prepared for Adam, the way was prepared for Nephi to keep the commandments, the way was prepared for Moses to cross the Red Sea, and the way was even prepared for the Savior by John the Baptist in vs 7. So if we are faithful to our Lord, by EXERCISING our faith in Him through our actions, the way will be prepared for us. How beautiful that promise is! Just be faithful to him, repenting every day and we will have the way prepared for us! Our garments can become white like the generations that Nephi saw in chapter 12:11. I love this Gospel so much! The Book of Mormon is the foundation of our testimonies, each day that we don't spend time in it our testimonies are suffering. I love you all so much family and can't wait to talk to you on Christmas!

Elder Doane

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